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Sevant Leadership in the Christian Church

            Leadership is a vastly important trait throughout the various relationships human beings have in interactive structures and progress in various organizations from career plans to church life. All the way through scripture, both Old and New Testament leaders were exhibited as experimental subjects who were successful while also dealing with failures, personal problems, and violent actions from adversarial forces. The fundamental point in all areas of biblical leadership is the dynamic that God is at the foremost pattern of all leadership and that submission to His leadership is the defining line before any additional area of leading can happen. The next important factor in biblical leadership is that one must adhere to and follow the examples that Jesus Christ laid out through His ministry on earth. The final point for effective biblical leadership is the examples and descriptions laid out through the ministry and service of the Early Church and its leaders, especially the Apostle Paul, as a servant leader. Without these three basic guides, examples, and knowledgeable encounters that are provided, biblical leadership would be only as effective as secular leadership styles are without the supernatural influence of God through their personal lives and into the lives of those they lead.
             Biblical leadership strategies share a large amount of similar styles and premises as secular leadership, yet clearly there is a blatant separation between the two. Any strong and relevant leader will understand the basic principles of building, coaching, and mentoring others in various areas for performance and personal areas. Authenticity, honesty, and knowledge will also play into normal areas of leadership while also displaying the leader's own success in developing former leaders or displaying effective leadership abilities (Baldwin, Rubin, & Bommer, 2013). Since a biblical leader can share attributes with secular leaders, the need to have clear separation between the two is a foundational point.

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