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Pulse Beat Experiment

            In this experiment, students had to collect data on how fast their pulse beats in thirty seconds. The purpose of this project is to figure out how the pulse rate for males and females who drink a high percentage of caffeine is affected when it is active. My hypothesis is the male active pulse reaction will be faster than the female active pulse reaction. When a person is active, they "produce a physiological perturbation that significantly influences autonomic nervous system activity." (Carter, Eric, and Andrew 2003) This causes the pulse rate to increase from its resting pulse rate. .
             Heart rate varies depending on who the person is. A person may have a slower heart rate because of their weight or height. Some people are also more active than others, causing their heart rate to be at a faster pace. When people are at a resting pulse, "heart rate (HR) exhibits an oscillatory pattern in synchronicity with the respiratory cycle." (Melanson 2000) A resting pulse would not show any difference in its results. Contrastingly, an active pulse will have multiple results, not showing repetition. .
             There are people who use caffeine to help them get through their day. There were plenty of people who do not use caffeine as well as nice amount of people who do. My experiment will deal with the active pulse rate of caffeine users. The use of caffeine affects the students blood pressure by seventeen percent. Additionally, when the students are active, the caffeine effects on their blood pressure increases. (Daniels J.D., Pula A.M., James D.S. 1998) The male and female heart rate had an extra boost because of the caffeine use from the students. The effect of caffeine may cause either the male or female heart rate to be higher than the other. .
             Methods and Materials.
             This experiment was done on August 28th, 2014. The room the students were in were at room temperature. The first step was to do twenty five jumping jacks.

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