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Identity in The Wave and Passport

            If you give anything time it can change, especially identity. Identity is the way you view yourself, how others see you. Time changes someone's sense of identity, and shapes who we really are from individual to a group. The novel, "The Wave," by Morton Rhue, demonstrates this well, especially in comparison to the poem, "Passport," by Mahmoud Darwish.
             One environment that influences identity is the organised group of, "The Wave." "And everyone is going along with it like a flock of sheep it's like Night of the Living Dead or something." Laurie's argument with Amy states that there is a lack if individuality, as The Wave has taken over the original members, and the idea of the wave started by Ben Ross in his History class. The simile influences the reader to think about what is happening in the wave. The italics used for, "The Living Dead or Something," emphasises that Laurie believes that the class members now have a lack of individual thought about themselves, and have forgotten who they are. Not only does The Wave influence the student's identity, it appears as though the student's identity is synonymous with The Wave. The Wave is one way that is shown to influence the student's identity.
             Mahmoud Darwish's poem, "Passport," also looks at the immediate surroundings, and the influence on his identity. He says "They did not recognize me in the shadows." The quote states that he once had an identity, but now he is like an unknown figure lacking individuality, as he is recognised as a shadow. His passport is covered by the shadow; this states he is not known by many people. Allusion is used here, and influences the reader to think that he is a shadowed person, unknown through people around him. He is becoming a shadow in the community.
             Morton Rhue portrays identity in his novel by adding in the ways that a person's identity can change. Another way identity can be portrayed in this novel is when, "Ben shouted orders more like a drill sergeant than a teacher.

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