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Short Story - It Should Have Ended Before it Began

            I swore to myself that I would never come back to this field again. The memories came to me hitting me left and right. The emotion that I tried not to show for so many years just came flowing out all at once. My life at this softball field was a living hell, but now that my little sister is on the high school team I find myself having to come back to this field. The field itself wasn't as crappy as I remember, the family members of the players were loud, opinionated, and drama filled, and the game was the worst game I have ever seen considering the fact it was against Nipomo.
             My little sister plays for Arroyo Grande High School JV softball, and the location for the JV is horrible. It is right next to the FFA farm. It smelt disgusting. Holding your breath is something that you learn how to do just by being at that field. The bleachers, in which we had to sit on were extremely dangerous. They were wooden and falling apart, and there was only one set of them at the field. There was barely enough room to fit the AG girls parents let alone trying to fit both teams parents. The field itself looked perfect. The white lines were drawn on as straight as the can be. The grass was greener than green eggs and ham. The dirt looked soft and ready to be played on. It never looked this good when I played JV at AG. I was shocked to see it in such a good condition. The tight space where I was forced to sit made it easy to over hear peoples' conversations.
             Parents will be parents. Which means they will speak their minds. While sitting in the stands I could hear a lady behind me talking very loudly. She was a Nipomo mom and she was being extremely rude. Not only was she bashing and tearing down the Nipomo team as a whole, she was ripping her own daughter to shreds. The things that the lady expressed made me want to go off on her and let her know that it's not cool to speak about young girls that way. The AG parents had their fair share of gossip.

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