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             Aluminum is a light weight metal so it is important in the transportation industries, for example aircraft, automobiles, ships and trains. The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7. This is approximately one third that of iron and copper.
             2. It has excellent resistance against corrosion. When exposed to air, thin oxidized film forms on the surface protecting it from corrosion. For this reason aluminum is used is the construction of buildings and household utensils.
             3. Aluminum is non magnetic so it is used in marine magnetic compasses, computer disks etc.
             4. It is highly reflective of light, heat and electric waves. The purer the metal the higher the reflectivity gets.
             5. It is a good electric conductor. .
             6. Aluminum is non toxic and odorless. Its surface is hygienic because no germs can grow on it.
             7. It is Strong at low temperatures. While steel becomes brittle at low temperatures aluminum increases in strength.
             8. Good heat conductor, about three times that of steel.
             9. Easy to recycle due to a low melting temperature.
             Uses for aluminum:.
             1. Is used in transportation industries due to its light weight properties.
             2. Used in beverage cans, cooking utensils, food packaging and in the fishing and dairy industry.
             3. Used as and economical material as an electric conductor and used in power cables, base of electric bulbs and other electric used.
             4. It is used in reflecting mirrors, lighting equipment and insulating in buildings.
             Recycling of Aluminum.
             The recycling of Aluminum uses 95 percent less energy than the production of primary metal from raw materials. The Aluminum can is 100% recyclable, there are no labels or covers to be removed. Recycling one kilogram of Aluminum can save about eight kilograms of bauxite, four kilograms of chemical products and fourteen kilowatt-hours of electricity. The energy needed to produce each tone of primary Aluminum has been reduced by over 30% in the last 35 years. Even though Aluminum cans represent less than 1% of solid waste, they are so valuable they should all be recycled.

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