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Creating Meaningful Change

            How does one go about creating meaningful change? This is a question that should be on everyone's mind, yet I've never heard anyone ask it before. After reading the assigned articles and Edward Deci's book, I feel inspired to change my life for the better. I feel that for anyone looking for inspiration the readings would be very helpful. Ways to create meaningful change are scattered throughout the readings. For example having intrinsic motivation. Because of the readings, I have the knowledge knowing that I hold the keys to my own success. Because of the readings, I feel the only ways to create meaningful success in us all involves setting limits, having strong hope, and having people in our environment to push us to our successful limits. According to Dweck, Deci, Freire, and Duncan-Andrade, elements that lead to meaningful change are having autonomy, having a positive environment, and helping others to believe in themselves.
             To begin the path of meaningful change, we need to first have autonomy. In Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Self-motivation, Deci explains "Setting limits in an autonomy-supportive way - in other words, by aligning yourself with the person being limited, recognizing that he or she is a proactive subject, rather than an object to be manipulated or controlled, it is possible to encourage responsibility without undermining authenticity" (43). Deci means that we all should set limits so we can enjoy the task accomplished without constant pressure from others. Everyone should work together and find the autonomy for one another, and not take advantage of one another. Another quote I found that applies to having the autonomy support needed is in "Note to Educators". Duncan Andrade uses the analogy of the rose that grew from concrete. He explains with "the courage to pursue the painful Path of bursting through those jagged cracks in the concrete is what I call Socratic hope" (5).

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