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Stigmatizing Mental Illness

             The ground of my research is to evaluate that how metal illness and stigma related to one and other, why people experience stigma at the stage of mental sickness, considerations on the stigma of mental illness and how it's evaluated or measured.
             About Stigma .
             Stigma related to the state of humiliation or embarrassment because it badly affects the life of the person which is experiencing the illness. "Goffman noted that it was the ancient Greeks who originated the term "to refer to bodily signs designed to expose something unusual and bad about the moral status of the signifier." (Scheffer, 2003) .
             Media played a great role in portraying the negative side of mental-illness. It resulted in a fact that they started lacking in the different aspects of life i.e. in self esteem, confidence, attaining proper medical guidance etc. "The vast majority of Americans report receiving information about mental illness from the mass media (Wahl, 1992). In our society, these images are typically inaccurate and overwhelmingly negative, characterizing people with mental illnesses as violent, dangerous, unpredictable, incompetent, and unlikable" (Laurel A. Alexander et al 2003).
             Form the recent year's stigma have been associated with the metal-illness and more research should have to be done to clearly understand the situations and conditions that leads towards stigmatization behavior. The people experiencing stigma are in very worse condition they mostly face difficulty in surviving with the disease and as well with the labeling and stereotyping which other people use to mark them with. (Patrick et al, 2005).
             "As a result of both, people with mental illness are robbed of the opportunities that define a quality life: good jobs, safe housing, satisfactory health care, and affiliation with a diverse group of people." (Patrick and Watson, 2002).
             Conditions on Stigma of Mental-Illness.

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