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Argumentaitve Essay - The Death Penalty

            What jurisdiction does the law have over life? How is killing someone justice for another person's death? A death penalty is the sentence of execution for murder and other capital crimes. This denial of life, also known as capital punishment, contradicts what the United States of America was founded on. Over the years with the death penalty active, there has never been a notable decrease in the national murder rate. Not only is it an expensive method, it does not deter crime and it is unjust and bias. This act is immoral and should be banned indefinitely.
             People are sent to jail when they commit a crime and in some cases to a death penalty sentence if their offense is murder. Having these offenders in a correctional facility, with all the necessary restrictions, is much more inexpensive than convicting them to a death penalty. According to Richey (2009) a study held by the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) holding an inmate in a facility without parole costs about 11.5 million dolars while a capital punishment can cost up to 137 million dolars. The government favors the death penalty but they do not speak of its costs. How is this a positive method? The program is wasteful, expensive, and it really makes no sense. The elimination of this method would be positive for the economy and people would not even notice it is gone.
             The death penalty has existed for many years. Throughout this time, peoples opinion towards the capital punishment have been very changeable. Studies have come to show that in times when the country was at war the favoring for the death penalty was higher and when the war ended this favoring lowered. These studies also proved that when using the capital punishments murder crimes were more frequent than when this method was not used. What can we deduce? Violence provokes more violence (Stassen, 2008). If the government shows the people that violence is ok everyone is going to act in this manner.

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