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History of American Photography

            A photograph of the United States of America is equal to me as a photo of a person, each photo unique to its moment in time and story told. Thought out our lives we often think of the past and what life was like, and without a time machine we would never know for sure what it was like for our own. But through the power of photography we can for a moment feel what it would be like, using our imagination we can trip out of reality and into the past by trying to put ourselves in the shoes of so many before us that have lived through the ups and downs of this country. The fact is that inanimate objects hold their personalities just the U.S. holds its own personality comprised of the people and the settings given to the people from the cities of the wealthy to the rural lives of the common man. Giving the chance to realize the little things we have and understand what people have done to have that freedom is something commonly over looked. Through the photographers perspective and intent of portraying the land we call home gives the individual the opportunity to feel and experience what they get from the photos whether its intended or not. Through proper photography you can learn and take in more than expected, especially when those photos are taken through greatest country in the world where diversity is .
             The first photographer is the famous Robert Frank who stands out for his work "The Americans" witch shows the over looked events of early American lives accost the country. Because he was traveling during the period of time he took the photographs, his work gives off the vibe of what life would look like from the eyes of me or you coming from the 21st century would experience; Frank was someone on the outside looking in bring a whole new perspective of life. Something small to the everyday person on the inside is extraordinary to us now who are from the outside looking in.

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