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Slavery in the Fields of America

            From childhood to adulthood, all the Americans' are taught to eat healthy. They are reminded to eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible. So, as Americas' become more health conscious, the more burden and problems lies on the shoulders of the farm workers who are solely responsible for picking these products. In order to feed the Americas' with cheap fruits and vegetables, farm workers especially the illegal immigrants go through tremendous difficulties. They are treated like slaves on the fields, their growers make them work under extreme heat with lack of clean drinking water, restricted breaks, low wages and many more harsh conditions. But despite all these treatments the workers don't say a word because they fear interaction with law and immigration authorities if they are undocumented in United States. However, they can escape these treatment by joining union and we as human beings can have pity on them and can help to improve these conditions by taking a few simple steps.
             Slavery is being practiced on the fields of America. Growers treat their workers like machines or even worst, because when machines are used, people put oil in it but here the workers work several hours on the fields without a sip of water and breaks. "In 2004, the United States Department of Justice investigated 125 cases of slave labor on American farms, involving thousands of workers" (Rodriquez, Delwiche, and Kasoosji 601). Most of the farm workers come illegally to America to search for jobs and have a better life. Hispanics outnumber all other groups working on farms. According to National Agricultural Workers Survey majority of the farm workers are undocumented and only 16 percent of United States farm workers do not belong to Hispanic or Latino group (Smith). Their shaky status explain clearly why their owners treat them harshly. The farm workers who are undocumented does not bargain with their growers for basic rights and they do not report slave labor against their growers because they know that their complaint will only cause troubles to them as they will be fired from the job and deported.

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