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Life and Slavery in Early America

             The purpose of this research paper is to talk about the early days of America and what happened in these beginning stages that led to the abomination of slavery. The main points of the paper talks about the first colony of Jamestown and the struggle of Indian attacks as well as malnutrition and illness. This led to a voyage home back to England but a return. The return brought new colonist with new ideas, the main one being the introduction of tobacco. Tobacco brought a lot of money but also labor no one wanted to do. Indentured servants were brought over from England to do the labor for a set amount of year, Bacon's Rebellion put a stop to this. With indentured servants no longer being sought African slaves became popular due to being cheap and easily accessible. The slaves went from minimal rights to none and were heavily mistreated but why? This paper explains all the question and goes into detail about this paragraph.
             Key Words: Jamestown, Tobacco, Indentured Servants, Slaves.
             In 1607 Jamestown, which is the first permanent English Settlement in America, is Established in southeastern Virginia. Jamestown was named after King James the 1st of England. The choice to settle in Jamestown was not thought out very well, the land was swampy, the water was impure, and was heavily inhabited with ticks and mosquitoes. The beginning of Jamestown was very hard in regards to health, diseases were striking and food was scarce. In 1609 the starvation level of the colony were at an all time high thus calling for desperate measures. The colonist used force on the Indians to provide the food and water they needed. The Indians did not like this and retaliated thus driving the colonist out and back to England. On the way home to England, the colonist came across a ship heading towards Jamestown containing food and necessary supplies. This caused the original colonist to turn around and go back. On one of the new ships was a leader named John Smith who when got to Jamestown would be saved by an Indian Chief's daughter, Pocahontas.

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