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Adjustment Case Study

            The two articles that stood out was the first story about a kitchen worker named Sekou Siby who was supposed to be the one working on September 11th. Instead, he switched days with a close friend named Moises Rivas, which was the one killed in the north tower that was hit that day. Sekou was Moises trainer for the job, he wanted to change days since he had worked eight hours already peeling potatoes and cleaning onions. Moises agreed to switching with him, little did either of them know the twin towers would be hit by a plane. Moises had two kids to take care of and he did make it back to them that Sunday. Sekou decided after he lost Moises and other friends he worked with in the restaurant, he would change careers to be a cab driver. He said" this way I will not have to get close to people, I can take them where they need to go and become friends." Sekou felted that it would be too hard losing any more close friends. The issue of losing Moises will be on Sekou's mind every day until he can come to a point where he stops blaming himself for that day. The other effect that Sekou has is choosing to not be close to anyone because of fear. The next point is forming in his mind that you have to be a soldier so you will not have to feel the hurt of death.
             The first strategy is realizing that no matter what happens you will choose to live in peace. The second strategy is knowing life is short, we cannot change a second in a day though we can live to the fullest. The third point is telling yourself, people will leave you though do not stop caring about people. We all will have to leave this world one day, there is no guarantee we will see the next minute. So you have to live for today as tomorrow is not promised to any of us. If you are a believer in the creator who gave us life, you will know for yourself, this is not the end of this life. The evidence-based strategy for this article is talking about the death and reaching out to others so that you will not keep feelings bottled up inside.

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