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The One and Done Rule

            "One and done" is a term used to describe a player who stays in college for a single year before leaving and enter the draft for the NBA. One of the most recognizable "one and done" is when Carmelo Anthony, who won the 2003 National Title with Syracuse Orangeman as a freshman. Anthony was the third pick overall by the Denver Nuggets in the 2003 NBA Draft.
             One and Done, there was a huge debate in 2005. The NBA added an age limit that required any players who want to enter the draft must be 19 years old and completed their freshman year of college. As a result, players who were in high school and want to go to the pros had to or were forced to go to college to spend at least a year before they could even think about entering the NBA draft. While this rule it has some benefit to the fans, it gives them a chance to see certain players compete at the college level. Many people feel that the one who do this are not consider student athlete and that it make a mockery of the word "student". A player who feels like they are ready for the pros, the player only needs to stay eligibility for a single semester to enter the draft. With this being said, this might increases the chances of them cheating just to stay eligibility for the draft. Many people believe the problems with college basketball are the NBA's-one-and done rules. The NBA set this rules in 2005 that stated that to be eligible for the NBA Draft, players must be 19 years old and be at least one year removed from high school. The only thing about this rule is the fact that the NCAA doesn't have no type of say so or control over them. The NCAA has can't do anything about it, they have to let it go because of what is written under the NBA bargaining agreement. .
             The NCAA may not had a hand in drawn them up, but they couldn't make no type argument about the rule and the way it is changing college basketball as we know it. Most of the top players in the country are leaving after only one year of college.

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