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Rules Of Engagement

             This film while dealing with rules and regulations also deals with the difference in structural organizations. The two organizations that oppose each other are the US Military and the U.S. Government. In this essay I will explore the structure of both organizations, how the culture of each organization affects ethics, and a modern day example of scapegoating.
             U.S. Military Structure:.
             The United States Military is a very diverse organization requiring many rules and regulations to operate effectively and properly. The primary beneficiaries of the military are the American public. We live in a safe society free from threat of war partially because we have such a specialized military. .
             There are many goals the military has such as societal, output and system goals. The military's societal goal is to defend and serve American and its people. The output goal of the military is to prevent war from breaking out on American soil and to protect American interests over seas. The system goal of the military is military growth, an increase in strength, stability, prestige, and coordinated response from all units. .
             The military has very diverse operational ability yet maintains a high level of structure. In military organizational charts it can be seen that the span of control in each branch is very limited. The system is vertically specialized and the chain of command is very clear. .
             Control in the military is key to operational success. There is very little leeway in the form of either output or process control. Orders are handed down from the top and must be followed to the last letter. The military has codebooks that are many volumes thick and each officer is especially expected to memorize the uniform military code of conduct as well as rules for engagement. The military is also very formalized and standardized. There is sort of a one size fits all attitude present in the military. As a result decision are highly centralized.

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