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Poltical and Civic Engagement of Three Generations

             Political and Civic Engagement From Boomers to Newbies.
             The Baby Boomer generation was termed as such because of a rapid increase in the birthrate after World War II. This generation was coming of age just in time for the Vietnam War. Insteaduring lot of political involvement because of the Vietnam War. The government enacted the draft which focused its recruitment efforts on the young adults fresh out of high school. The kids were being drafted to the army for the war and much unrest was created among the population. 57,000 young men were killed. America was realizing the horrors of war through the media, and they were scared for their lives. They were eligible to get drafted against their will and forced tot die for their country. That was enough motivation in itself for America's baby boomers to become more involved politically. The level of political particaipation rose to unprecedented level. The nation was so divided and heated over the issue of Vietnam. Society was becoming more politically astute in order to better formulate its own opinions concerning policy. People began thinking their vote really was powerful and the strongest way to voice their opinion (Jackson). Opposition to the Vietnam War sparked a lot of liberalism among young adults, especially in the college atmosphere (Illini). This sentiment led to the election of Lyndon Johnson for his second term. It is fair to say that the baby boomer generation gave its fair share.
             Presently a few baby boomers are lobbying to create a boomer.
             Generation Y is beginning to experience what the baby boomers experienced with the Vietnam War. Since 9/11, there have been major military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and President Bush is threatening to wipe out terrorism in other countries as well. There is already gossip about a conscription of skilled technicians. Our military is stretched to near its limit. Who knows what will happen in a two, five, or ten years.

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