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Eight Rules

             Maslow's hierarchy of needs is basically eight simple rules in order for a society to grow and stay healthy. A society could be looked at like an ant colony. The more food it has the larger the colony grows, if it is in a storm without the protection of its anthill, the ants will be destroyed. Or if an invading army or other ants is not met by a defending army, they will fall. In this case these eight simple rules are pertain to a group of children that are stuck on an inhabited island without any grownups.
             "Meat, we want meat." Meat, the starved creature of the uninhabited island was hungry for meat. It gathered fruits, caught crabs and fish, but it wasn't enough, it wanted meat. They would do anything for meat, even if it meant killing another living thing to get it. Isn't it only human to seek food when one is starving? To fill that deep sense of hunger? In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, hunger and thirst are the first building blocks of the eight essential needs of human life. In the first five chapters of Lord of the Flies, a a plane full of children crashes onto an uninhabited island. After a few hours the children get hungry and thirsty and they begin to scavenge for food and water. Soon enough the little ones get tired of the same routine diets of fruit, fish and crab, and they begin to crave meat. They hunted down a pig and killed it in order to fulfill this craving for meat. Another example that would relate to this was on the television show Survivor, two women said that they would strip off all of their clothing for a little peanut butter and some Oreo cookies. In the Lord of the Flies, the children killed other living things just for the purpose of their survival. .
             "The first thing we should have done is built huts," said Piggy. "Instead you build a fire, in vain, and nearly destroy the island." The second building block of Maslow's hierarchy is safety and security.

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