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NFL: Inconsistent Officiators or Unfair Rules?

            The reality of football is that there are 46 different types of penalties that referees are looking for in every play. As a referee, this means that every play you have to be making sure none of these rules are being broken, and because of the vast amount of them it becomes as inconsistent a job that you can have. Penalties/fouls are a huge part of every sports game, but unfortunately they are a more inconsistent part, in particular, to football than in any other sport. There's always controversy in sports games, but regardless it seems that the NFL gets the most heat when it comes to controversial issues from its bad calls/lack of calls and poor and inconsistent rulings on disciplinary issues. A football player's job is to play football, but the inconsistency of football can make a lasting impact on football players' careers. The need for change has come and gone; it is now affecting sports fans, the players themselves, and teams as a whole. .
             The NFL has numerous amounts of issues to deal with, and needs to start prioritizing what to fix first by how it affects every game played. There's a lot of people out there that watch football, and whenever they see a bad call or hear the announcers comment on how bad of a call something is, their initial reaction is to blame the referees, which in a sense is a little unfair to do. Now, I'm not saying that the referees aren't to blame in some scenarios because that would definitely not be true, but sometimes the complexity of the rules effect how games are officiated. Therefore, the referees' interpretation of these rules ends up leading to the lack of consistency in calling each individual game. Of course, referees are humans so they make mistakes. Well then, thank goodness the NFL implemented the ability to review all plays, right? Unfortunately, that's not the case. The NFL has made it so you can only review certain plays, which doesn't seem right because a referee has the ability to mistakenly make a wrong call on any play for any list of reasons.

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