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The Globalization Debate

            Globalization can make people around the world connected through trade between countries, the communication to connect people and it is leading in exchange of ideas and ideologies among people. There are some advantages and disadvantages in globalization. There are many experts believe that globalization have many advantages such as creates job, lower prices for consumer, speedy in traveling and communication, gain income and improve technologies. In creating jobs, it will help the companies to hire people with the capabilities and it will lead to the competition among the companies around the world. Next, lower prices for consumer are the result from globalization. When the companies compete each other they will produce a lower prices for their good and services. Gain income and improve in technology is the example of the advantages of the globalization where if the trade occurs between country it will help the country generate some income and improve the technology of the country by take a look at the another country those have a good technology. .
             Globalization also has disadvantages or negative impact such as unemployment. Many people in the country will lost a job or may be not be hired because many company will hire people or labor with the lower cost to gain profit for it. They will be hire labor from Bangladesh, Indonesia and others country where the costs of labor and manufacturing are lower. Some experts believe that globalization will lead to the spreading of infectious disease such AIDS because people outside from the country will travel or work in different country. .
             Anti-Globalization Protests.
             1. Globalization, Jobs and Income.
             Anti-globalization state that some jobs will be lost to the low-wage country which means the company will be hire people or labor with the lower cost to gain profit for it. To generate income, the company should hire labor with the lower cost so that people in that country will have no jobs.

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