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Global Warming

             The theory of global warming is one of great controversy. Numbers of scientists and climatologists are divided when it comes to discussing this specific issue. Some believe that this theory is so outlandish it should be obvious to see that human activity and increase of population has nothing to do with the worlds climate. If that is true, why is it that the issue is so often talked about and debated in extreme detail. If the theoretical explanations of climate change in this world are so easy to refute, why are they still being discussed to this day. Some say that there is a direct correlation between increased greenhouse gas levels emitted by humans and rise in temperature. Others call the hypotheses flat out "whackoism." The idea of the earth warming up due to greenhouse gasses, no matter how bizarre, has instilled a degree of doubt into the minds of all who oppose it. What if they are right? What would the consequences look like? How would it affect life as the way we know it? The consequences would be real and severe. The overall point is that no one is absolutely right and without any flaw. There is supporting and conflicting evidence for both sides of the story.
             There is definite evidence that the world is heating up. The big question is why. Greenhouse gasses being emitted into the air is one way that scientists have tried to explain this. The major greenhouse gasses are CO2, methane and nitrogen-oxide. These can be released into the air by the burning of coal, oil and gasoline. These gasses hold in the natural heat that is given off from the earth itself and help trap in the heat that is radiated form the sun. The increase of human activity on earth, burning elements which release these gasses, can account for the raise in CO2 levels in the atmosphere (Robinson, Arthur (1997, December 4) Science Has Spoken: Global Warming, Wall Street Journal). Though the evidence that supports this idea is not totally complete, it is likely that humans are the cause of the rise in CO2.

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