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Is Global Warming a Real Threat?

             First of all I would like to explain what is global warming. There are gasses in the earth's atmosphere that protect surface from the heat of the sun, allowing life to exist. This is "Greenhouse effect" and it is very beneficial for us. However human activities has destroyed some of these gases since the progress in Industry that lead to the greenhouse effect out of control and created global warming. .
             Carbon dioxide produced by burning gasoline, and many other gases play a big role causing global warming. That's primary emission from cars or burning natural gas at homes. The other main human-caused factor is cutting down trees which absorb carbon dioxide. The warming is increasing, in the last century temperature increased about 1 degree Fahrenheit; it doesn't sound much but it can make difference. The scientists estimate that temperature will increase another 2.5-10.4 degree by 2100.
             The global warming is not debate anymore. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) which consist of over 2000 scientists from all over the world have concluded that human-induced global warming is a threat to the earth's ecosystem. Other groups have determined that global warming is real threat are WHO, Union of Concerned Scientists and others researchers. Businesses also recognize the problem with global warming in February 2000 in Switzerland CEO's of the world's 1000 largest corporations voted climate change the most urgent problem facing humanity. Washington reports that nearly three quarter of Americans believe global warming is happening or will happen and most see it as serious problem according to the pool released by World Wildlife Fund. Over 1500 scientists from 63 countries had signed the Call to Action and this number includes Nobel Prize winners in science.
             I think that we have enough proof that global warming is real, than one will say what is the problem with it? There are couple facts about what is happening because of global warming.

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