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Global Warming

            Is the Threat of Global Warming Real?.
             Is the threat of global warming real? Many people believe it isn't real, however some do. Ross Gelbspan points to a variety of scientific evidences, including a 1995 announcement from 2,500 scientists, indicating that the planet is warming. Brian Tucker, a senior fellow of the Institute for Public Affairs, argues that there are still too many uncertainties to conclude that global warming has arrived (Harf/Lombardi 146). My opinion on the matter is that global warming exists but there is not enough scientific proof to back it up. .
             Ross Gelbspan believes that the climate change is here, and so is global warming. "By the 1970's scientists perceived that the melting of Antarctica's ice shelf would signal the accelerating heating of the planet as human activity pushed the temperature of the earth upward (Harf 146)". The breaking up of the ice shelf is devastating to some people. "This is the most dramatic manifestation of global warming, other symptoms have been emerging around the world for several years (Harf 147)". Some countries such as Maldives and Kiribati would vanish completely beneath five-foot waves (Jordan 315). Gelbspan states how the coal and oil industries are denying that global warming exists only to keep making money and that the consequence of this denial is "massive destruction (Harf 150)". .
             Brian Tucker believes that global warming is "science fiction". He thinks that the greenhouse gas emissions are well founded, but it does not support the conclusion that calamitous effects from global warming are right upon us (Harf 158). When one looks at the CO2 production they will find that in the United States alone the total millions of .
             Metric tons have increased almost one thousand tons (Allen 144). This is not yet a significant number or at least one to cause an alarm for our environment. The real issues are misconstrued about science.

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