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Evidence of Global Warming

            Despite what some people may say, global warming is no myth. Although a controversial topic, there is no doubt that both natural processes and human activity has had an adverse effect of the global climate. This change in temperature will lead to devastating effects on the natural environment and even the economic world. Some of the consequences of this global warming have already been put into motion. Although the damage to our atmosphere is substantial there is research being done to figure out what can be done to slow this process and save our mother earth and the people of the world must react to save our planet.
             Global warming is the rapid and gradual increase in Earths average surface temperature.1 The increase of surface temperature was found to be caused primarily by the burning of fossil fuels, which releases greenhouse gasses into Earths atmosphere.2 Greenhouse gasses include Carbon Dioxide, also known as CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide, to name a few, although the most common comes in the form of CO2 from fossil fuel consumption. The suns shines onto the Earths surface where it is absorbed then radiates heat back into atmosphere. When these gasses pollute the atmosphere they trap this heat, which is then absorbed by the Earth increasing its surface temperature a setting in motion a variety of weather changes.3 This doesn't sound too dangerous, but the effects it can have are an issue the world simply can't ignore.
             One of the most dangerous impacts that are occurring now is the melting of glaciers and the polar ice around the poles of the earth. The ancient glaciers that are melting contain high volumes of salt and are causing the salinity of the ocean to spike in the areas closest to the caps. Many plants and animals in the area cannot evolve quick enough to cope with sudden change in their environment and are dying. Already coral reefs are beginning to die off bring with the rest of the life forms that depend of the reefs to survive.

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