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An Amazing Lady - First Sergeant Gwendolyn White

            She is more than a coach, teacher, and instructor to me. She is considered in my heart as a mother, grandmother, and godmother to me. What an amazing woman she is! When I came to high school, I joined the drill team. It was run by a little old lady that stood about five feet even. But, there was a lot of fight in this woman. You can just look at her and tell she meant business. At first, I was afraid of her and never wanted to be in her presence because she is just that intimidating. But, she was an amazing woman and taught me so many things in life that I will never forget.
             Throughout my freshman year of high school there was only one person besides my family I could confine to. She was always there for me, although; it did not just happen that way. I had to work to build that relationship with her. And being that I was a freshman was not helping. I use to get shut down by all the upper classmen when I would try to speak to her. I think it was because they knew she would love me so much. I use to stay at practice all way until she left and come in before she did to help her. I wanted her to know that I was a natural born leader just like she was and that we were a like in so many ways.
             I started recognizing what I was doing and she commended me. Here's a catch, she never said it to me because she did not want me to get a big head. But, she would throw out hints. Once I gained a nickname, I knew that she saw that I was going to stick around. When you gain a nick name from her, it is like an honor to have. It means she will always remember you forever. Even if she wants to forget you, she will not be able to because that name will last forever. My nickname was "House". I remember like it was yesterday how I got that name from her. It was my turn to try and call commands so that everyone could see how my voice was, and if I was even able to do it. Once I was finished she yelled, "House, that's what I am going to call you.

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