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The Rising of the Moon, 6 elem

            Aristotle's six element of drama in The Rising of the Moon.
             Lady Gregory's The Rising of the Moon is modern play that contains Aristotle's six elements of drama, which are plot, character, thought, language, music, and spectacle. These elements are the backbone of Lady Gregory's play and many of today's dramas. .
             The first element is plot. Aristotle tells reads that, " plot, is the goal and the goal is the greatest thing of all." Lady Gregory's play contains a basic plot; the sergeant and two of his policemen scout out the docks and make sure a political rebel does not escape from the area by boat. The plot embodies the action, exposition, suspense, rising action, climax, and falling action. .
             The next element in the play is character. In Lady Gregory's play she has four characters, policeman X, policeman B, sergeant, and the ragged man "Jimmy Walsh." The two policemen are two characters that are not fully functionaries and not fully developed because they do not have names and they are just sketched in, and we know little about their personality. The sergeant and the ragged man's characters are exposed as the play reveals its conflict because both characters change into a different role, then when you first beginning the play. Aristotle compares characters to a painting, " the most beautiful pigments smeared on at random will not give as much pleasure as a black-and-white outline picture." .
             The third element is thought. Thought is shown throughout the play, for example, when the sergeant figures out that the ragged man is the rebel. Thought is found where something is proved to be or not to be, or a general principle. Aristotle explains thought as, " is the passage in which they try to prove that something is so or not so, or state some general principle.
             The next element is language. When Lady Gregory's characters speak, it displays the way rural Irish dialect and to show where they are from.

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