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The Promises of Genesis

             It is so complicated that it took an entire chapter to describe it and still even now the word is used so flippantly. According to God, faith is the "assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." A good illustration for faith is a flashback to "Adventures in Odyssey." There is a house burning down and the little boy is trapped on the second floor. His father calls from the ground for him to jump out the window and into the safe arms of his father. The boy has a choice, stay in the room and die, or take a leap of faith into his father's arms. Faith can be described as taking a step without knowing the end results. An even better illustration is the life of Abraham.
             If one wants to learn how to live a life of faith, he only needs to look at the life of Abraham. Is there anybody else in the Bible who starts off with everything and leaves knowing nothing? Sure, Abraham's life was never perfect but he is still counted in the Bible as a "friend of God." The purpose of this paper is to study the life of Abraham to find faith life applications. .
             The study of Abraham starts with the man Abraham. The most important part of figuring out what Abraham believed is to figure out what kind of man he was. So, let's begin Abraham's name is actually Abram. God changed it when He renewed his promise and officially made Abram a Jew. Abram means "high father." Originally, Abraham was from a city called Ur of the Chaldeans which is in southern Mesopotamia. He was married to a woman name Sarai. He was obviously rich because of the vast amounts of animals and servants he possessed. In those days, wealth wasn't measured by the amount of money you have in the bank but rather by the amount of animals you own. Abram was actually a pagan. He most likely worshipped the moon god. As recorded in Genesis 11:27, Abraham's father's name was Terah. Abram lived about 2,000 years before Christ lived.

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