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Peer Pressure and Teen Pregnancy

            When is it the right time to have sex? Some individuals may say intercourse is appropriate for marriage; wait until you say ''I do." On the other hand individuals may say do it when you're ready? But when is it the right time to have intercourse? What about during the teen years? Teenagers are having unprotected sex and the rates are increasing more and more each year. Our topic is about the cause and effect of teenagers having unprotected sex. Why is this huge social issue? Well the perks of being a teenager are less or no responsibilities. Teenagers are sheltered by their parents with a side of freedom. Being a teenager should fun and adventurous; however some teenagers want to venture in other areas besides movies, parties and junk food. Sex is a venture that most teenagers want do.as they grow older hormones starts to appear as well as curiosity. But being too curious can be effective negatively, as the cat will that died from curiosity. In our project we demonstrated the causes of unprotected sex which were the lack of sex education, lack of parental guidance, peer pressure and the media. All of these causes can lead to serious consequences which are teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Our project is to aware society this issue and why is it continuing to occur. .
             When is the right time to teach children about sex? Sex education is very important and we believe that it should be taught when a child mind has fully comprehended what's going on in society, basically around the preteen days. Young children should be taught safe sex or abstinence. Education is the key ___. Sex shouldn't only be taught in the education system but at home. Parents have the responsibility to guide their offspring ____. The lack of education can develop curiosity. Teenagers want to know about sex and if they do not have prior knowledge of it then they'll learn on their own. Another cause we discussed in our project is peer pressure.

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