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Contributing to the Common Good

            Really educated people choose a vocation that contributes to the common good anticipating the personal rewards of giving back and optimistically paying it forward. This group of individuals is in an elite category of their own. Choosing this type of profession is not about the amount of money that one can or will make, but the sheer enjoyment of putting a smile on someone's face or making a small gesture that might change ones life forever. For instance, let's take a look at Brandon, a perfect example of this elite group of individuals. Brandon has recently graduated from college with a business administration degree; therefore, one would assume that Brandon would be interested in looking for a job associated with business. Brandon bewildered everyone when he proclaimed that his dream job would be to mentor and coach children. Brandon's choice would make one ask, "Why a business administration degree to mentor and coach children?".
             Brandon grew up in a small, rural community bursting with children who had passionate desires for playing sports. At a young age Brandon participated in sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer and tennis. For the duration of Brandon's childhood he expended numerous hours in these after school and summer sports programs and was determined to be an exceptional player in all areas of these activities. At a young age, Brandon would come to understand that the joy of giving back and paying forward would outweigh the thrill of always winning. Brandon came home from practice one day, by the look on his face and his demeanor, his father, Dennis, knew immediately that Brandon was troubled about something. Dennis asked Brandon what had went wrong at practice today that had him so upset. Brandon replied, nearly in tears, "I got beat." Dennis proceeded to explain to Brandon that winning was not always the most important key in playing sports.

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