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The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams

            In the story, "The Use of Force," written by William Carlos Williams, a doctor uses force to get a diagnosis on a sick child. The question is did he use force to help the sick child or just to get his anger out? The doctor wanted to help the child, Mathilda, but she would not cooperate with him, causing him to have to use force to open her mouth. .
             I think the reason the doctor ended using force is because the little girl was being uncooperative and did not want to open her mouth. The doctor was there trying to help Mathilda get well and make sure she did not have diphtheria. He had no way of knowing Mathilda would be so uncooperative. He willing came to the house thinking he would have a check-up with an easy, cooperative patient. As the visit progressed, he found that this visit was not your ordinary quick check-up visit.
             In the beginning of the story, they describe Mathilda as a solemn child. The doctor does mention that she looks like a child that could be in advertisement in papers though. He also says she looks as strong as a heifer. Later on in the story we see just how strong she can be. After the doctor introduced himself, he smiled at the girl and asked her what her name was but she did not respond (Williams, 555). Right away we see that she is not willing to cooperate. It is one thing to be too young to respond to a question, or even be a little shy. But later we find out that she is at an age where she should be able to talk to others and not be as shy. .
             Mr. and Mrs. Olson had asked the doctor to come over and check on their child Mathilda, who was ill. They were paying him three dollars for the visit (Williams 554). By the parents calling the doctor and asking him to look at their child, they were giving him their consent to look at their daughter and try to help her. No one plans on being forceful when doing a check-up. The patient is the one who will not cooperate and listen, resulting in the doctor needing to be forceful.

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