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William Carlos williams

             The poem I chose to show today is written by William Carlos Williams and called "Spring Storm". William Carlos Williams was born in Rutherford, New Jersey, in 1883. While in Mann High School, William started to write poetry, and pursue a medical career. At the University of Pennsylvania, Williams received his M.D. Williams also met a future friend and important person that would influence his writing. Williams meet Ezra Pound, who helped Williams publish his second set of poems. After Williams's second poems were published, he returned home to Rutherford where he continued to write poetry and other literature pieces as well as continuing his medical practice. His poetry now began to focus on everyday life of the common people. Williams continued to write and practice medicine throughout his entire life. After a heart attack and a series of strokes in 1948, Williams eventually died in 1963.
             (www.poets.org/poets) .
             Martin Johnson Heade created the picture I chose which is called Thunderstorm on the Narragansett Bay. Martin Heade was born in Pennsylvania in a city near Delaware River called Lumberville. He studied art overseas in France, Italy, and England. On his return he traveled around the United States and began drawing. Heade's most famous work would be his portrayals of nature. Heade is well known for his drawing of flowers and salt marshes along with the occasional tropical bird. Heade's work can be seen today in some of the major museums, specifically the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, and the Armon Carter Museum. Heade married and moved to Florida where he lived out the rest of his life as an artist.
             In the poem "Spring Storm" and the picture Thunderstorm on the Narragansett Bay, there are many similarities that are shown. One similarity is the use of the rain. In Williams's poem the rain is being used as a driving force to get rid of the snow and winter, despite the fact that "Still the snow keeps/ its hold on the ground.

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