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The Red Wheelbarrow

             In gazing over Williams Carlos William's The Red Wheelbarrow I was .
             The poem lacks in symbolism as well as meaning, yet gives a series of .
             images with no conclusion to its original statement. The Red Wheelbarrow poses a .
             mysterious element to the average, everyday reader. At the end of the poem I was forced .
             to ask the question, "why does so much depend upon a red wheelbarrow."" In studying .
             other writers I tried to seek a definitive answer to why Williams wrote this poem. In .
             further study I asked myself the question, "what (actual) purpose does this red .
             wheelbarrow serve?- .
             My metamorphosis began when I read Paulo Freire's "The Banking Concept of .
             Education-. He must've had something on his mind when he said, "teachers either work .
             for the liberation of the people-their humanization- or for their domestication, their .
             domination."" In what could be called an interesting summation in unveiling the negatives .
             of narrative learning, Freire explains the pitfalls and shortcomings of the "Banking .
             Education-. His concept stems from the hierarchy of the teacher celebrating "himself to .
             his students as their necessary opposite; by considering their ignorance absolute, he .
             justifies his own existence."" In this system the teacher acts as the depositor and the .
             students, merely receptors. The Banking concept, according to Freire, suffers from an .
             abnormal amount of pride in that it gives itself the charter to give their educated the title, .
             "welfare recipients-. These teachers, referred by Freire as oppressors, make it their duty .
             to change the "incompetent and lazy- by simply perverting their mentality.
             The night prior to our reading of Freire I took to the internet to find some sort of .
             meaning to Williams' poem. Some websites analyzed the poem's imagery and others .
             took a more symbolic path. Nevertheless, I found no common bond between any of them. .
             In looking back, I realized that these internet sites paralleled Freire's idea of teachers as .

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