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Stress - The Silent Killer

            Stress is a very common problem being faced today. Actually, it is not a new phenomenon; it has been experienced throughout history. But some researches show us that rate of stress is increasing day by day. Our hectic lifestyle or our responsibilities push us being stressful. Stress can result in the competitiveness needed to success in business, achieve an education, foster social relationships, and win at sports. Since everyone wants to be number one or perfect when they fail at something, they feel under stress. In addition, concerns, fears, despair, busy lifestyle, ambition, and problems lead to stress. Even if people who are under stress go to bed for sleep, they cannot sleep because they constantly think about problems about their life. And also, they cannot focus on their work efficiently because of feeling under stress. So, we are affected by physically and mentally. Stress is the mother of all issues as it gives to birth the many other issues like overeating, overweight, psychological problems and depression, social isolation and loneliness and failure at life.
             Actually, we do not always eat simply to satisfy hunger. We also tend to eat for stress relief. Whenever we feel bad or we want to escape from problems and stress, the first thing that comes to mind is eating. Most people admit that when they are under stress healthy eating habits can be difficult to maintain. Whether eating to fill an emotional need or grabbing fast food simply because there is no time to prepare something healthy, a stress out lifestyle is rarely a healthy one. And also, stress increases appetite. Since sugary foods, especially chocolate, release hormones of happiness, people generally prefer to eat these foods to overcome stress. Unfortunately, stress, the hormones it unleashes, and the effect of high-fat sugary "comfort foods" can lead people to gain weight. In addition, weight gain when under stress may also be at least partly due to the body's system of hormonal checks and balances, which can actually promote weight gain when you're stressed out, according to some researchers.

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