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I'm Nobody! Who are You? by Emily Dickinson

            Every time I read this poem, I feel like an arrow was aimed at my conscious. Though seeming simple and playful at first glance, Dickinson's "I'm Nobody" packs deep meanings that can make one stop and reflect. The following will address my analysis of this poem. Dickinson used a lot of literary techniques to make us readers grasp a better idea. At first glance, one cant help but notice the use of random capitalization and many punctuations, especially dashes. I believe that this is to form a rhythmic flow and allow reader to pause and think. "How dreary-to be- Somebody/ How public-like a Frog" the especially many dashes in this two lines and capitals to the word "Frog" and "Somebody" allows more emphasis to her point. The use of other punctuations like "I am nobody!" right in the beginning of the poem adds character and feelings to the poem, making it more colourful and allows me to feel closer to the narrator. The use of assonance and rhyme like "I am Nobody! Who are you?/ Are you-Nobody-too?" makes to poem sounds 'fitting' allowing a better flow of feelings and message. The use of simile and imagery too "like a frog" makes me able to imagine the poem vividly, understanding it better. Though figurative, these images made the poem more 'realistic' in some way. Dickinson skilfully crafted the poem with the right words, tone and poetic devices that keeps the poem short and playful, but at the same time holds much more inside.
             Reading the poem, the use of the repeated use of pronouns "you" and "us" leads me to come up with different views of the poem. First with "you" referring to the narrator's reflection from a mirror, next with "you" as the narrator's friend, and last "you" as the readers. First, "you" I consider to be a mirror she sees herself, any mirror both literally or figuratively.

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