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The Significance of Mary Warren in The Crucible

            Mary Warren plays a very important role in the development of The Crucible's plot. Mary Warren is a young servant girl whose ethics are challenged when she becomes afflicted with terror and intimidation. Mary is a character of weak determination who allows herself to be bullied constantly. She is not an "evil" person, but her fragile will combined with her desire to be someone in the Salem community forces her into a situation in which she does harm to other people. .
             Mary Warren is clearly a follower and easily succumbs to Abigail's demands and threats. Mary's passive nature becomes clear from the beginning of the play, her "subservient" behavior automatically shown when she tries desperately to convince Abigail that they "must tell the truth". The fact that she must try to persuade Abigail first and insist on telling the "truth" instead of going to confess the authorities herself, shows how she is incapable she is under the threat of Abigail. Mary Warren understands the necessity for herself and the others to confess. Mary argues with Abigail that "It's a sin to conjure" Although Mary is "naive" she is not willfully malicious and realizes that her actions and the actions of the other girls were wrong. Miller also portrays Mary as a "lonely girl". The word "lonely" shows that Mary's participation with her fellow accusers provides her with the fulfillment of some need to be part of a group; she gains a sense of power amongst the others. Mary's loneliness and the deprivation of freedom being a female servant is a reason to why she involves herself in the initial event in the "forest". .
             A transition in her behavior is presented in Act 2 as she finds a new sort of power in being an accuser. Given what she states to John and Elizabeth Proctor, she feels that she has authority given to her by the courts.

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