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Extremist Attacks - Never Forget

            The attacks made against Hiroshima and the World Trade Center is a no doubt unforgettable memory. Both events resulted in a terrorist attack, countless deaths, a statement for the killings and usage of destruction. There are many similarities between the two events, but there are also several differences. Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack was committed by the United States. This attack was a statement made by Colonel Tibbets as the U.S. believed this would make the Japanese easily surrender and to end WWII. With the World Trade Center, the extremist committed this attack and the statement was to start war with the United States. Both attacks were committed to make a statement for war, but it's a statement that the Countries will never forget. .
             Hiroshima devastation occurred on August 6, 1945 at 8:15am. This was towards the end of World War II. The mass destruction caused over 100,000 deaths and over 100,000 more who were injured. Though the act involving World Trade Center did not have as much casualties as Hiroshima, the sole purpose is what makes these terrorist attacks very similar. The World Trade Center attack occurred on September 11, 2001 at 8:45am. Both events were strangely enough committed in the 8'clock hour. Also involving two separate attacks: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The World Trade Center and The Pentagon. It is an understanding that the two attacks were committed as each party was trying to make a statement during the end or brink of war. The bombing of Hiroshima occurred as Colonel Tibbets instructed the United States to drop two atomic bombs in Japan as it will forcibly make them surrender, to end World War II. The destruction of the World Trade Center was committed to make a statement because of the alleged involvement the United States had with the Persian Gulf War and continued military presence in the Middle East. Regardless of the time and date of the events, both parties were committed to make their point across, War.

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