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The logic behind the Holocuast Denial

            The Logic Behind The Holocaust Denial .
             The Holocaust is a growing part in the body of literature.
             students are being introduced to this topic. Even though this topic is considered a part of .
             history there is a growing number of Holocaust deniers. People that claim that the .
             Holocaust never happened, and they back that claim up with half truths and half lies. This .
             growing number of people are classified as educated people and are well respected among .
             society with great credibility. They are PhD's and they have use names like institute of .
             this, institute of that and so on. They came up with organizations such as the Institute of .
             Historical Review and other organizations that portray a classified specialty. What I want to point .
             out is there reasoning behind there claims. What is their logic? .
             The beginning of the Holocaust denial started before the Holocaust ended. When .
             the war was close to the end the SS started to realize that they had lost the war. They fled .
             out of the country to avoid being captured. They moved to places like Sweden, South .
             American countries and Arab states. Once they were relocated they started a readjustment .
             of history. Their work appeared early after the war. Others denied the Holocaust in trial. One of .
             the earliest deniers is a .
             Ruiz 2.
             European man named Paul Rassinier (Stern 6). Rassinier was a French concentration .
             camp survivor and a former socialist anarchist. At first he blamed the kapos for the .
             suffering in the concentration camps. He then continued using every inconsistent form of .
             information to cast a doubt in the Holocaust. Rassinier claims that the Nazi did not have .
             an intention to kill all Jews, he also believes that the number of the actual killings of the .
             Jews is inflated. After his death in 1949 his book "Monsonge d"Ulysse" was translated to .
             English. Here in America a variety of writers and doctors added to the denial by writing .
             there own half truths and half lies.

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