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Logic and perception

             In order to explain the nature of logic to critical thinking, one must first look at the definitions of the terms. "Logic" is defined as the science of pure reasoning (The New Webster's Dictionary, 1998). "Critical" means discerning, based on thorough knowledge (The New Webster's Dictionary, 1998). "Thinking" is defined as to turn something over in the mind (The New Webster's Dictionary, 1998). "Thinking" can also be defined as the activity of the brain that can potentially be communicated (Kirby, Goodpaster, and Levine, 1999). With that, one can say that pure reasoning when combined with thorough knowledge can be turned over in the mind and potentially communicated. In other words, logic and critical thinking have the potential to go hand in hand. When factoring in perception, however, sometimes what may seem logical may in fact not even be real. .
             Logic and critical thinking have the tendency of leading people to believe that facts may exist on any one subject. Facts are not required for either train of thought. In fact, many times what we believe to be genuine facts are merely our own perception of what is occurring. Perception is usually never the same between two people. What we have here is a matter of opinion; "Everybody has one." What this means to me, is that perception is completely subjective based on the elements of a situation. As we know, every situation is different. There may be similar circumstances, however the entirety of the situation will not mirror the other. One's own experiences, thought patterns, habits, knowledge, education, and training plays a major role in the perception that each one of us could possess as we interpret what we just saw and heard at any given situation. With this knowledge in hand we can begin to dissect this enigma. .
             Reflecting on a situation I have experienced in the career of my choice (to this point), I can think of one in particular that stands out in my head.

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