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             Kant commences his critique with a description of science as a pure path (to truth presumably) and continues that logic has followed that path to completion. He then distinguishes logic as being abstract and reason more realistic. He also seems to be bridging rationalism and empiricism by applying cognition to reason. Kant gives a history of revolutions that aided certain disciplines to the high road of science. Kant in a seemingly simple move tries to explain our senses adapt the objects to them so they may be perceived, saying that our senses simply interpret rather then actually represent. With this move Kant is attempting to commence his revolution in metaphysics because it establishes an entirely new way of looking at things in metaphysics, forcing us to admit there are limitations to our experience. He then attempts to claim that true nature of objects can be attained due to us having a transcendent idea of the "unconditioned". He then, due to the limits of the senses, claims that we shouldn't and can't speculate about things beyond our own experience. He claims that space and time are created by our own situations of appearances and may not be real. Saying there are nothing other then our perceptions is to say "that there is appearance without anything that appears. He refutes free will-determinism compatiblism as an inherent contradiction until he applies causality fo the appearance of things but not to it's actually being. He confronts the problem that there is no morality without free will, saying that there are two worlds appearance and reality and free will and determinism apply to each separately. He then continues speaking of our procedure towards knowledge being flawed. He gives an account of the rise of human presumptions and the reason behind them. Kant says that schools, lack of critique in general lead to a discipline following the wrong path, He describes the edition and speculates about the future.

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