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English paper

             Every student sometime during their academic years will be faced with the .
             inevitable, writing an English paper. English papers can vary among narrative, cause and .
             effect, argumentative to the most dreaded of all - the research paper. All students are .
             required to write these papers; no matter what career they are choosing, English seems to .
             be a way of life. Students are faced with the decision of choosing an appropriate topic to .
             write about and making sure they have enough ideas to support it. Students are also faced .
             with the process of trying to find every available resource to make sure their papers meet .
             all grammatical standards. The final blow to all students is the waiting for and anticipating .
             of the grade. The effects of writing English papers on students can be very stressful, .
             overwhelming and intimidating for students across the world.
             All papers require a student to choose a topic. Deciding on a topic can drive a .
             student almost to insanity. Every student looks for just the right one, one they understand, .
             feel comfortable writing, and most important one they can find enough information on. .
             When looking for the perfect topic, students will free write, list ideas, brainstorm and even .
             search the endless Internet to come up with the best topic. Some educators will even .
             provide a list of possible topic ideas which they feel will help encourage the student in .
             some way. Most students look over the list with high hopes that one will stand out and .
             jump at them saying, "pick me, pick me!" In truth, all this list does is stump the future .
             writer. The person writing this paper knows everyone has the same list and that some will .
             choose to write on one of those topics, so how in the world will his or her paper be able .
             to stand out? The writer knows he must choose his own to make it a truly original .
             masterpiece. So the student drudges on thinking and deciding, and then it hits him; he has .

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