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English Experiences

             Throughout my high school English years, I wrote a lot of different types of essays, poems and character analysis etc. There have been many different classes that I have written many different things in, but the most inspiring class to me was my senior year English Four class. The most inspiring thing about it was the assignments that I did, the teacher and the books I read. .
             The Assignments that were given to me in my English class in high school were things such as poems, and character analysis. I did much of character analysis for books such as Beowulf and The Great Gatsby. This taught me a great deal of how to write good character analysis because my teacher would go over our papers one by one and tell us what we needed to make the paper stronger. Poems were also a fun thing for me because it was sort of a challenge for me to make things rhyme and flow right so it would sound good. I remember writing a poem about this stuffed bear I had brought to class and it was a poem about love, because we had to write like Shakespeare. I think that my English teacher helped my writing improve tremendously, and over the years I have seen improvements from using her techniques.
             My English Four class was taught by a very intelligent lady by the name of Mrs. Prior. Many people thought that her teachings were to strict, but I realized that they just did not want to learn. Mrs. Prior taught me how to write more proper by sitting me down and letting me write a paper freely, than she would tell me all the mistakes I made, and I would fix them. My teacher also helped me with a lot of punctuation and when to use certain punctuation at the right times. Mrs. Prior not only taught me a lot about English and how to write properly, she also taught me many things about life and this inspired me to do well in her class. She also assigned many books for us to read that dealt with life situations.
             Many of the books we read in high school were fantasies and fictional.

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