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Revolutionary War- Causes

            The Long and Short Term causes of the Revolutionary War.
             The American Revolution began long before the first shots were fired in 1775. America and England first began to part ways in 1763 more than a century and half after the first permanent settlement in Jamestown, Virginia. The Colonist wanted to find more land, so they began to move farther west, on the quest for knew land they ran into trouble with the French. The Colonist had sent the Indians farther west were they met the French. The French and Indians both agreed what the Colonist were doing was wrong and they wanted to fight for their land. Since the colonists were not well equipped for the war, they had to call on their leading country. Once the English got there, that's when trouble began. The English got snooty and treated the colonists disrespectfully and kicked them out of their homes. .
             After the French and Indian war, the English wanted to make change, but the colonists were anything but favorable to change. Since they had defeated the French, they wanted more freedom. Population was growing and since the French menace had been eliminated they wanted to migrate as far west as the Mississippi River. The British thought that this would cause more problems for them so The Proclamation of 1763 was developed, reserving all western boundaries. The British did this because they wanted no more confrontation with the French and Indians and thought if more colonies were set up farther west then they would lose authority over the colonies. This in turn, caused confrontation between the colonists and the English.
             In 1733 the Molasses Act which placed a prohibitive duty, or tax, on the import of rum and molasses from non-English areas was replaces with the Sugar Act of 1764. The importation of foreign rum was forbidden and put a modest duty on molasses from all sources and levied duties on wines, silks, coffee and many other items that were important to the colonist's economy.

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