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Compare and Contrast Revolutionary war and civil War

            The Revolutionary war started at Lexington and Concord, where the very first shot was fired. General Thomas later led the Battle at Bunker Hill, which was fought on breeds hill. It was the bloodiest battle of the war. Congress sent the King the Olive Branch Petition, which he refused. Thomas Jefferson then wrote the Declaration of Independence, which states all people have to right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Americans began to choose sides. The loyalist, who opposed independence, and the Patriots, who favored it.
             There where many battles during the Revolutionary war, including The battle over Trenton. George Washington attacks and kills 30 Hessians and captures 913. Then, there was the fight over Philadelphia, where the British attack. Later on, the battle over Saratoga, where General Bergoin is defeated and has to surrender.
             The cause of the revolutionary war is basically because new acts are passed which raise the tax. An example of an Act is the Sugar Act. Along with the Boston Port Act, Proclamation of 1763, Tea Act, Taxation without Representation, and so on.
             Similar to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War was fought for money. The cotton, also known as King Cotton, was picked and produced in the south, then shipped to the north where they had factories to produce the products. The south feared they would become servants of the north, and the north feared the south would build their own factories and eliminate them. .
             The Civil War had more death then any other war because Americans were fighting each other. The first shot was at Fort Sumter. During the Civil War the Emancipation Proclamation was written, but this document did not free the slaves, as it was believed. The slaves where freed as an after thought of the war. President Lincoln was assassinated later on in the war.
             When the Civil War ended slavery and secession where over, but two things had to be solved, how to get the South back to the Union, and how to settle the 4 million newly freed African Americans.

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