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The Revolutionary War - Rise to Rebellion

            Jeff Shaara began his writing career when his father died and he was asked to continue a series that his father had started. He went to Florida State University and got a degree in criminology. He never had any experience as a writer before he started writing to continue what his dad had started. He loved reading war novels and he loved the Revolutionary War so he decided to research the topic and tell you the years leading up to the Revolutionary War. He researched many point of views of people who were important to the War such as, Adams, Sam, Franklin, Gage, and Washington. .
             Rise to Rebellion brings the Revolutionary War to life through the eyes of important historical figures. Although it is historical fiction it tells you everything from the Boston Massacre to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It lets the reader know about the hardships the colonial people went through during this time period and how hard it was for the thirteen colonies to become states. It all starts though when John Adams must defend someone who has broken and abused the England laws because when this happened most of the fighting between English military and colonialist rose up. Imagery is used greatly in this book because everything the reader reads can make them feel like they are there themselves watching all this horrific and great things happening. .
             The author wrote Rise to Rebellion because he wanted to do what his father wanted him to do which was continue the Revolutionary War series in which he had started. The author was trying to prove that the Wars can be interesting to read about. This book differs from other books written on this subject because unlike other books he actually gives different point of views which is important because no one sees stuff the same way. It is also differs because he actually told it like he was there living it and helps you be able to picture everything that is going on.

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