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The Anglo-Irish War

            Anglo Irish War Essay Dylan O'Connor.
             Examine the causes and consequences of a significant historical event that affected many people's lives over a long period of time.
             The Anglo Irish War, which was seen by some Irish nationalists as their War of Independence and spanned the timeframe of 1919 through to 1921, was a consequence of a number of factors. An upsurge in the support and belief of the viability of revolutionary nationalism to achieve freedom and independence from Great Britain was a major feature. This in conjunction with nationalists believing that Sinn Fein was an effective political party capable of achieving change and the excessive response of the English to the Easter Rising which were being viewed as reprisals brought about a revolution in the opinion and perspective of the Irish public. .
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             In the years leading up to the Irish War of Independence, Irish people, in particular nationalists became angry with Britain repetitively putting Ireland's needs second to Britain. Additionally, the appeal of nationalism had been growing as a result of a number of factors, such as inequality in Ireland in conjunction with the continuous delays in the implementation of home rule increased the appeal of nationalism. Although still in the minority, an increasing number of nationalists were becoming dissatisfied and disenchanted with the ability of the constitutional nationalists to successfully achieve change. As a result, revolutionary nationalism was seen by a growing group as a viable option. .
             Cause #1 Small group of revolutionary nationalist's stage an uprising. .
             The delays in the implementation of Home Rule resulted in an increasing number of Irish nationalists re-evaluating their belief in the viability of constitutional methods of bringing about change in Ireland.

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