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Interview with a Guidance Counselor

            The growth and development of psychological testing in the Philippines have gone tremendous advancements as more Filipino professionals work and research about the development of it. And psychological testing is easier to conduct as Filipinos becomes more comfortable on working with professionals under the field of psychology. In spite of what has been said, our psychological testing is very limited as most of our psychological tests are foreign made. Even though tests were empirically proven to be valid and reliable for other countries, it could be more accurate if we will use locally developed psychological tests oriented in our society and culture.
             Compared to Western countries, Filipinos are not really enticed and show little importance when it comes to studying mental or psychological health. However, it is good to spend money and look out for our mental health just like the way we take good care of our physical well-being. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and everything that comprises our mental health. The current scenario of psychological testing in our country is not given much importance because not a lot of people are aware of its benefits. Through psychological testing, people may be able to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, feelings, abilities and personalities. Taking tests to have an assessment with one's current condition regarding anxiety, stress, depression and the like can be helpful. The fact that there are numerous cases of people, especially the teenagers who commit suicide is an indication that our country needs to put more attention on psychological testing. Moreover, it is more alarming that up to date psychological tests are not readily available to everyone and in fact are quite costly. Usually, people who have the privilege to take such tests are those in good schools who offer testing and counseling to students and to those people who are in the workforce.

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