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The Latin Kings in North America

             The Latin Kings is the largest and one of the most organized crime families there is in North America. The birth of the Latin Kings originated in Chicago, Illinois, and was developed to overcome racial prejudice that was attacking the Puerto Rican/ Hispanic communities. Therefore the Latin Kings consider their selves as a nation alone living in another nation. This organization consist of first predominantly Puerto Ricans back when it was first came about, but now it consist of Columbians, Mexican, Cubans, and Dominicans( all types of Hispanics nations). .
             The Latin Kings.
             The ALKQN, ALKN, LKN was established in Chicago; Illinois in the 1940's to help and protect the Hispanic communities against racial discrimination and racial prejudices. And even though it was originally started by Puerto Ricans it has become more open to the entire Hispanic nation. This organization created kings and queens (ALKQN) to who was involved in all types of criminal activities such as; drug trafficking, human trafficking, murder, etc. The Latin Kings Gangs that was located in Chicago was known as The Motherland faction or as "Almighty Latin Kings Nation" (ALKN), because this is where the gang originated at. This part of the organization was made up of more than 160 structured chapters and had key players within the gang in 158 cities and 31 states. This part of the gang had about 20,000 and was thought to have all types of nationalities. Also the main members in the Latin Kings Organization were their spouses, offspring, and bloodline family members. .
             Like the Chicago you also have the New York Latin Kings society. Which sometimes but not always have to answer to the "ALKN". They are known as the number 2 of the factions but is better known as the King Manifesto and Constitution (KMC) which was founded by Luis Felipe in 1986. Also like the Latin Kings of Chicago, New York operate in 15 cities in 5 states and it has as many as 7,500 members not including the Spouses and the bloodline members.

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