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My Mexican Culture

             With the climates, the snow-capped volcanoes, and the tropical rain forests.
             The cultural back round here is something else. In two weeks we will have one of our very famous holidays called the Day's of the Dead. The celebration starts on November 1st and November 2nd. Here I will tell you a little about the celebration. It's a weeklong holiday when the souls of the dead return to be with their family's for one night. It is not a sad or dreary day. It is a day that brings happiness. Around here it is also said that death in traditional Mexican culture does not have the same meaning as it does among North Americans and Europeans. Candles are always present on the altars. Usually made from beeswax. Photos of the saints of particular importance to the family sit on the alter along with photo's. Bread of the dead it represents the souls of the dead. The dead consume the essence or soul of the bread. When they visit the loved ones. Bread is always shaped in ovals. Flowers, which symbolize the brief life of a man. Yellow marigolds known as the "the flower of the dead". In Mexico death is something that is celebrated. Skeleton dolls and toys are made for living children to play with. .
             There are more famous holidays such as Three Kings Day it's on January 6th, we celebrate that day, because it honors the arrival of the three kings bearin gifts to baby Jesus.
             Cinco de Mayo is a rich celebration in history. It dates back to May 5th, 1862. When a poorly equipped Mexican Army defeated a strong French invasion. .
             16 de Septiembre is a holiday were Mexicans celebrate their independence on September 1st the same day in 1810 when a battle cry sparked a revolution that would change history. Being my age you're to young to forget anything. I almost remember that like yesterday. I wasn't around then but my great grandpa told me everything that there was to know about it. .
             Some things that go along with the celebrations and holidays are music and dance.

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