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Culture Of Mexico

             The movie like water for chocolate was an interesting movie. It was about a family that had three daughters and a mean and nasty mother. The youngest daughter had the hardest life of the three sister's. Her family tradition, enforced by her mother stated the youngest daughter may never marry but instead care for her mother for the rest of her life. Not only could the youngest sister not marry but had to cook and clean daily with minimum help from her sister's. The young sister caught the eye of one of the village boys. When this boy saw her he knew that she was the one. When he confronted her and asked if she felt the same, her heart agreed. When the boy came to the house to ask her mothers permission for marriage, her mother said no with no hesitation. She said the youngest daughter of this family may never marry, only care for me for rest of my life. The mother then suggested the boy to marry her oldest daughter. The boy agreed and the marriage was final. The young daughter was crushed.
             On the wedding day, the young daughter put a potion in the food that mad everyone throw up. Everyone at the wedding was sick to their stomachs. That was like revenge for the young daughter for not being able to marry her true love.
             The only reason the boy married her older was so he could be close to her. It was awkward for them because they lived in the same house. Even though the boy was married to her older sister they both had feelings for each other. .
             When the young girl's grandmother died the youngest daughter went crazy and was sent to a crazy home. At the home she fell in love with her doctor. Meanwhile back home rebels came to her house and raped and killed her mean mother. When the young girl returned home and saw her first love they began to have feelings for each other. They would sneak around at night and be alone with each other. Meanwhile the young girl would have visions of her mother as a ghost telling her to stay away from her true love.

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