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U.s. Mexico Border Issues

             The border that stretches between the United States and Mexico is not only a division on a map, or a physical obstruction on the ground. It is a division of many other things as well. The physical border separates major political regions, cultural regions, and economic regions. Now if the border was not there it is difficult to say how the Tijuana culture and the bordering U.S. culture would change. Without the border in place it would be difficult to indicate an absolute or relative location to the area. The U.S. Mexico border has many characteristics that give it meaning and a character. Also the border has a direct affect on the peoples lives that live near and around it. Usually the people that live along the border area of Tijuana have more things in common with each other than they would have with someone that lives on the border in the U.S. I believe that all of these things combined show how there are two distinct but interrelated and co-dependent regions on either side of the U.S. Mexico border. .
             The U.S. Mexico border has many distinct characteristics that give it a sense of place and a character. Tijuana is one of the fastest growing cities in North America with an estimated 1.2 million-person increase per year. That massive influx of people to the border area make for an increase in economic need. So it is no wonder that Tijuana has become a major tourist attraction. Along with tourism come the goods that the people make and sell in the markets. This provides and income for many families and gives Tijuana a local artistic forum where the people can display and sell their work. Tijuana also allows the tourist to sample some of Mexico's culture in the form of crafts and in food. There are many places along the southern side of the border where you can find great traditional Mexican food that cannot be found in the U.S. All of these things give Tijuana and the southern side of the border a strong cultural character.

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