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Traveling in Mexico

             In Mexico many people travel there a year.
             visits by tourists with most coming from the U.
             are issued when the State Department recommends that Americians avoid travel to a .
             certian country. The U.S. Department of States Consular Information Program provides .
             travel warnings and Consular Information sweets.(Brittanica 1) .
             Mexico has a beautiful land to travel in and around. Striking centuries, old ruins at .
             Monte ALban and Milta afford us facinating sketches of Mexican history, even as surfers .
             who flock to Puerto Escondido demonstrate what riding the Pacifics waves is all about. In .
             Mexico's capital, Mexico City, we explore it's roots at Pre-Aztec Teotihiacan. Then it's a .
             visit to the National Museum of Anthropology, the expansive Zocalo Square, and the .
             National Palace before marveling at the floating gardens of Vochimilco. As colonal .
             Merida sways to the rythm of its many music and dance offerings, day trips outside the .
             city tempt us with everything from the Mayan pyramids of Chicken Itza to the ocean-side .
             franquility of Pregresso. In Cancun Shari goes for a little reef snorkeling at Isla Mojeres .
             beforeexploring Mayan ruins at both the coastal fortress of Tulum and Jungle-choked .
             coba.(Shari Belafonte) Akumal "place of the turtle" lies 60 miles south of Cancun of .
             Mexico's Yucaton Peninsula in an area known as the Tulum Corridor. Laid back and off .
             the beaten track, this tiny resort community origionated as a section of a large coconut .
             plantation. It wasn't until 1958 that Mexican treasure divers salvaging a sunken Spanish .
             galleon discovered great sport diving opportunities along the off-shore barrier .
             reef.(Discover Mexico) Diving is a great sport in this area but, spear fishing is prohibited. .
             Three dive operators serve the area.Drawbacks exist for those who like pampered diving. .
             Akumal dive guides are friendly and helpful, but they do not carry, store, or wash your .
             gear. Akumal dive operators also offer tours to jungle pools or cenotes.

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