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The Mexico-America Drug War: B

            The Mexico-America Drug War: Bordering on Ineffective.
             Two thirds of all drugs that come into the United States travel across the Mexican border("Mexico"). Even with all the security in place on the border, drugs continue to flow into this country at an alarming rate. This is due to many reasons that all stem from how profitable the drug trade has become. Corruption is prevalent among those in charge of monitoring the border for drugs. Many of the border police take bribes and only catch those traffickers that do not pay them off. Traffickers are ingenious and resourceful at hiding loads of drugs in vehicles as they attempt to cross the Mexico-United States border. America's current policy and tactics relating to stopping the flow of illegal drugs into the United States from the Mexico border are mostly unsuccessful and need to be refocused on treatment of current drug abusers and education of future generations. .
             Corruption is a huge problem that needs to be combated if the government wishes to reduce the influx of narcotics. Attorney General of Mexico, Jorge Carpizo, fired 237 of his new government staff that were connected to the border because they were linked to drug trafficking activity ("Mexico"). Fifty-seven of those government employees fired were senior police officers ("Mexico"). It has been understood for a while now that the flow of drugs into the United States will not be quelled until the internal corruption is stopped. Another reason that drugs make it across the border is the sheer number of vehicles that cross each day. Let us pretend that twenty cars carrying cocaine attempt to get drugs across the border into Texas and half of them get stopped. This is a very generous and untrue estimate of the percentage of shipments getting caught, but even if this were true the drug producers would make a profit. The payoff is so great with drug dealing that there will always be people willing to meet the current demand.

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